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Compost Collection

Honeywagon Organics processes organic waste to make compost. Through the intentional decomposition of organic material in a controlled environment, we are able to produce a resource that supports healthy communities.

Vail Honeywagon provides collection services for organic material.

Materials we collect for compost include: 

Food Scraps: Fibers/ Paper Products
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • meat
  • dairy
  • bones
  • sauces
  • cooked foods
  • breads & grains
  • napkins
  • non-coated paper plates
  • chopsticks
  • coffee filters
  • shredded paper
  • paper towel tubes

BPI Certified products Рmust get prior approval on these items.

Materials not acceptable for composting:

  • NO Rubber bands
  • NO Stickers
  • NO Disposable gloves
  • NO Co-mingle Recyclables (glass, plastic, aluminum)
  • NO Straws


Compost is a soil amendment used to increase soil health, water retention and disease suppression. It supports soil life functions and promotes healthy plant life.

Compost produced at our Honeywagon Organics Commercial Compost Facility is held to the strictest processing and testing standards in the nation. We take pride in our operational techniques that include intentional feedstock manipulation and constant monitoring to produce the best compost we can make. Whether designing a landscape, stabilizing a river bank, planting a forest, improving your lawn or planting a garden for your family; we have a compost to meet your needs and expectations.

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