Commercial Waste Services

Elevate your operations with our specialized business waste collection solutions. We are dedicated to providing robust and environmentally-responsible commercial waste management services tailored to your business's unique needs. Partner with us for a cleaner, more sustainable workspace.

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Renting Your Commercial Container

Our local professionals are ready to handle your dumpster rentals when you need them. We’ll make sure you get upfront pricing and reliable service with every job.

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Use our online form to receive a quick and efficient quote tailored to your needs.

Waste audit and sign-up

Our waste management experts will assess the size and suitability of your waste containers.

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We guarantee timely delivery and pickup, providing reliable service from start to finish.

Commercial Services

Vail Honeywagon offers material management services for your business regardless of size. A variety of trash and recycling containers are available to meet the requirements of your business. Adjustable schedules are offered to satisfy your demands.

We offer a wide variety of commercial trash cans and recycling containers for businesses, shopping plazas, apartments, condominium complexes, Homeowners Associations, ranches, and more. Our front-loading trash containers provide space and collection efficiency as our trucks spend less time on the property and the containers have a smaller footprint and more capacity.

Greening Your Business

Brand development is enhanced when sustainable initiatives are incorporated into your business practices and are explained to clientele. Compost and recycling are the most visible ways for customers to recognize your establishment’s eco-friendly efforts.

Vail Honeywagon helps local businesses reach their sustainability goals by working one-on-one with managers and staff to create customized trainings, signage and reports. With our compost and recycling programs, you can minimize your waste footprint while maximizing cost savings.

Please contact us for a personalized consultation.

Bear Containers

Brand development is enhanced when sustainable initiatives are incorporated into your business practices and are explained to clientele. Compost and Protect your favorite bruin with our variety of commercial, animal-resistant metal trash dumpsters. Vail Honeywagon has the largest selection of bear containers available in the area. These containers feature metal lids (and side doors for certain sizes) with several different locking options and container door configurations. Contact us to explain the benefits of each type of bear containers to help you choose one that is right for you.

Why to Choose Us

Why Choose Vail Honeywagon?

We provide a complete range of containers and service schedules designed to match your needs and budget. Contact your local specialist to develop your best commercial plan. Simply give us a call today, and we’ll personally guide you to what best suits your needs.

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We use the latest technology, enabling us to simplify commercial waste services for you. This also ensures on-time pick-ups, cost savings and above all, safety.
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Yours and our protection from accident and injury is first in all we do. Our waste collection trucks have cameras that enable our drivers to access your property safely.
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Many of our trucks are powered by clean-burning fuels such as natural gas, reducing our impact on the environment – so you can breathe easier.
For Your Business

Commercial Services

We provide businesses with a range of container sizes and a variety of service scheduling options, customized to meet your waste collection needs.