Commercial Organic / Food Waste

The composting and reuse of green or yard waste and food waste are critical components for any community's march to a Zero Waste goal.

Commercial Organic Waste Disposal with Vail Honeywagon Rubbish & Recycling

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Organic Waste

Organic Waste Services with Vail Honeywagon

Vail Honeywagon provides collection services for organic material for commercial customers.

Service Includes:

- Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on-call pickup options

- Staff training and educational materials

- Participant Recognition

Industries Served:

- Restaurants

- Resorts

- Supermarkets

- Charitable Organizations

- Schools

- Municipalities

- Corporate Offices

- Manufacturing Facilities

Why Compost

Brand development is enhanced when sustainable initiatives are incorporated into your business.

Compost and recycling are the most visible ways for customers to recognize your establishment’s eco-friendly efforts.

What Goes in the Compost Bin

Food Scraps

Fibers/Paper Products

VegetablesNon-coated paper plates
DairyCoffee filters
BonesShredded paper
Cooked foodsPaper towels (and tubes)
Breads and GrainsPizza boxes

Compostable service products must be BPI certified.

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)​ is the current standard in U.S. for composting. BPI and the US Composting Council use the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications to certify products as compostable. It was the Biodegradable Products Institute that created the compostable logo you see on our products. This logo is designed to reduce the confusion that surrounds plastic composting. The compostable logo can only be used on certified products. Because of that, it helps you know which products legitimately meet the ASTM D6400 and/or D6868 standards. It also helps your composter rest easy that the products you send them will biodegrade as expected.

Materials NOT Acceptable for Composting

  • NO Plastic bags

  • NO Rubber bands

  • NO Stickers

  • NO Disposable gloves

  • NO Commingle recyclables (glass, aluminum, plastic)

  • NO Straws

  • NO Pet waste

Compost for Sale:

Vail Honeywagon sells compost in bulk for all customers.


Our compost is certified to meet CDOT's requirements for STA certification

Sustainable Food Waste Management Solutions

Embracing sustainability is more crucial than ever, especially in the food industry where waste can significantly impact our environment. Our comprehensive food waste solutions are tailored specifically for restaurants, offering an efficient way to manage leftovers, expired ingredients, and other food scraps. By choosing our services, you not only reduce your establishment's carbon footprint but also position your restaurant as an eco-conscious leader in the community. From recycling to composting, our solutions ensure that food waste is transformed into valuable resources, fostering a greener future for everyone.

For Your Business

Commercial Services

We provide businesses with a range of container sizes and a variety of service scheduling options, customized to meet your waste collection needs.